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Canary Islands
of Padel

Since the creation of this Board of Directors in 2015, and with the continuous growth of federated padel in the Canary Islands, our autonomous community is among the main ones in the national scene. The following data correspond to the number of licenses reached in the year 2,024.

Judge Referee
Autonomous Position
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Diego Gil, President

We move forward Together

After several years at the head of the Canarian Padel Federation and analyzing the contribution of everyone (clubs, players, parents, judges, referees, technicians and managers) there is nothing left but to thank the work performed by each one within this Federation, a work of involvement that in most cases is simply altruistic. 


Advantages Federated

To be in possession of the Padel Federative License entails a series of advantages with respect to those players who practice padel and do not obtain the Federative License. 


Formal training

Article 32. Sports qualifications.
1. In order for the technical sports personnel to perform, within their professional practice, the sports services of teaching, direction, management, training and any others related to the professional competencies within the field of sport, the qualifications established in each case in the provisions in force shall be required, as well as the specific qualifications that may be determined necessary.


National Monitor Level 1

These courses consist of a common block, a specific block and an internship of 150 hours.


National Judge Referee

These courses consist of an online part, a classroom part and internships.


Regional Monitor

These courses consist of an online part and a classroom part.


to the future

Padel schools are the basis of future players and above all, an ideal tool to instill the values of the sport in the youngest children.

Basic Padel

With the Padel Base program we bring our sport to schools.


With the Technification programs we help children in their sporting evolution.


The junior circuit includes Preliminaries and Qualifiers in all categories.

The current sports season has been subsidized by the Sports Area of the Cabildo.

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